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​​Hypnotherapy is the most natural and safe therapy you can find. It works with your subconscious mind to achieve your goals: change bad habits, addictions, lose weight, manage chronic pain, reduce stress, anxiety, etc. The results are quick and amazing. Sometimes just one session is needed for that desired change... Below areas I work with.

Relaxed, calm and contented with life.


The mind's condition is the single most important factor under our control in determining the quality of our lives and it exerts great influence on the body's functions. Hypnotherapy is highly therapeutic and can help in a brief period of time, to improve mental functioning, particularly in situations of anxiety, depression and anger problems.


Body and organs working perfectly


It has been demonstrated that the immune system can be severely compromised by stress and depression. This can be the cause and also exacerbates many illnesses. In these cases, hypnosis can be used to help individuals combat stress and depression. Visualisation and hypnotic suggestions can be used to boost immune response and thereby help to maintain health and prevent disease.


Happy relationships are achieved with the correct frame of mind.


This period in anybody's life is a stressful time. Hypnotherapy helps to relax and focus on the task ahead.