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​​What happens in a session?​

The consultation lasts for around an hour and we discuss your particular requirements or goals. For instance, it may be to control anger, to gain confidence, to lose weight, to improve concentration or public speaking, etc.


Then, I gather information to help me assess the therapy plan. This includes some general personal information, sleeping patterns and any specific medical symptoms or medication, for instance, the use of painkillers, sleeping tablets or others; always taking into account any work being done with other healthcare professionals as it is common for clients to be seeing their GP for their conditions.


I explain how hypnotherapy and hypnosis work and how the client is always in full control.

During your treatment, you feel very relaxed, both physically and mentally, and this makes your subconscious mind open to positive suggestions to help you make changes to overcome situations that are affecting you.

In hypnosis, it is possible to consider new perspectives and discover inner strengths to help achieve your goals, overcome fears and make positive changes in your habits or patterns of thought.

A session of hypnotherapy should leave you feeling calm, with a sense of wellbeing and the ability to meet the challenges of daily life with a renewed confidence and positive outlook.


Depending on the issue that brought you to the consultation, you may need just one session (to resolve a fear of flying for instance) or a few.  Many conditions can be treated in just one or two sessions.