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"I am so glad I turned to Isabel"...

Since childhood, I've suffered from many deep and complex issues that have affected my life adversely. I've worked with many practitioners, including several hypnotherapists. Each has helped in different ways, but I'm so glad I turned to Isabel. She is warm and sincere, a totally understanding listener, and a perceptive therapist. Her treatment is so gentle, simple, and reassuring, yet seems to go effortlessly right to the centre of why I was there. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to turn to Isabel.


"Enormous help!"...

I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel to discuss some issues I wanted to address. She was so kind, patient and utterly professional and helped me enormously to deal with my problems.
She has a lovely calm and caring approach and makes you feel very comfortable. I want to recommend anyone who has issues they don't know how to deal with, to seek her help.
She is wonderful.



"I am feeling better now"...

"I am so pleased with the help Isabel gave me. I had various problems and Isabel dealt with them sequentially and each session was successful. The following are a few of the problems I had: problems with my knees, had problems walking and climbing up the stairs after keyhole surgery on both knees and doctors told me I shouldn't feel more pain, but months after the surgery I was still in pain. After four sessions with Isabel and her method for reducing the pain, I am now in control of the pain. Secondly, hay fever since being very young I suffered from. I tried all the histamines on the market, nothing works over many years. Few sessions with Isabel and it's under control. Finally, weight, I considered myself two stones overweight and now I am on a diet plan and aiming to lose weight with Isabel"

C.L. Slough

"A very positive experience"...

"Hypnotherapy helped me to find inner peace in a very simple and natural way. The therapist guided me through a path to find my own inner power to overcome some negative aspects of my past. After the sessions, I felt like a burden was taken off my shoulders. Highly recommended."

Enrique, Langley

"Happy new life"...

I had a negative outlook in life for a number of issues in the past, losing loved ones, separating early from my husband, and with help from Isabel, I now feel happier, more optimistic about life. We had 3 sessions and now I am living a new happier and better life."

L.R., Stoke Poges

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